Bodybuilding Injury? Why Rest Is Not The Answer

If you are a fitness enthusiast and bodybuilding fan so, you are really aware from the injury.

Bodybuilding Injuries
Bodybuilding Injury

The depression can’t allow you to train more and most of the athletes are contributes to gain the weight and their physique look irregular.

You should know about the value of resting time period while you are following the strict workout regimen. 

Here, I have written this article to know about you the role of rest and how important it is in a bodybuilding.

Most of the individuals do not realize the value of rest days and want to maximize the performance to experience the result.

Fortunately, they are ending up their result with an injury and worse results.

In order to improve the size of the body, gain the strength, make more defined your body, and boost up the performance definitely you are doing the hard work or incorporating the heavy training.

Make sure, the heavy training with less rest between the sets tends to break down the muscles rapidly and make weaker.

To grow up stronger, it is important that how hard you train and making the huge gains.

The professional, competitive, and experienced athletes are actually know about the importance of proper nutrition and the rest.

Somehow, there are many bodybuilders which do not have the idea of rest in obtaining the maximum performance or strength that spent hours in the gym.

The Importance Of Rest in Bodybuilding

The rest is very important because it makes muscles to recover, make strong you, and allow you to perform the more workouts.

Importance of Rest in Bodybuilding

The rest has an impact in the gaining, maintaining or losing of the weight and how much you have the ability to perform the reps and sets.

How the rest does plays an important role in muscle recovery?

When your body is on the sleeping or resting mode so, different cells are stimulating the signals to produce Human Growth Hormone and a testosterone level to a peak level.

According to some studies, the physiologic improvements are producing during the rest time period after performing hard training.

Consuming foods and the supplements are also playing role in the recovery.

Hard And Intense Training

The hard intense training usually targets the cardiovascular and muscular systems of the body.

This workout will improve the efficiency of the heart, improved circulation of blood, oxygen, and nutrition.

The glycogen stores and the mitochondrial enzyme within the muscle cells can actually make increased muscle growth.

But, Rapid or faster workouts without the recovery time period may increase the stress level.

However, your body can not generate the desired result if the proper recovery workout or rest is not following.

The most common question for an injury is to take the best medicine. The best medicine for an injury is the rest.

It’s not like that what doctor ordered you it’s just the main part of every workout.

In most of the cases, the recovery is more important for the workout activity.

Let’s go further in the topic,


If you want to get an amazing physique and avoid the knee injury, crushing pain in the back, and the shoulder pain that doesn’t want you to up so, follow the rest time period.

Injury in Bodybuilding

The body in motion realizes that tensing up, ligaments, experiencing tight muscles, and tendons that will limit the movement and to increases an injury rate.

When there is an injury, the light activity helps you to gain more.

It is best to give a gap in the workout training when you are suffering from an injury.

You should listen to your body when you are in the pain and injured. If you never listen to your body means you are deepening the injury.

The way is to avoid taking the painkillers and just listen to your body. When you listen to your body so, you recover yourself faster without losing the gains.

It is recommended to ask your professional instruct for getting the workout plan with respect to an injury.

Well, it is important to check out the injury level because some are very low and some may severe that causes the back pain.

The back pain makes impossible to move your body and the stretching.

  • When your injured knee is doing the squats so, it makes harder to train from the chest, back, and the shoulders area. But, this does not mean that you cannot train the upper body area.
  • If the upper part of the body affected, so you can follow the low body workouts.

What Happens When You Don’t Take The Proper Rest?

  • Increases the stress level
  • Hard to reach toward the performance
  • Breakdown the muscle fibers 
  • Increase the risk of injury
  • Improved strength
  • Less endurance level

What is Overtraining?

The overtraining is defined as you are repeatedly stressed your body from the overtraining. The rest is also required for the recovery.


The overtraining is usually two types such as;

  • Localized
  • Systemic overtraining

Both types of training is usually a result of the stress, lack of nutrition, and enough time of the recovery.

The localized overtraining is the most common and affecting the same group of the muscles on separate days and need a chance to recover.

This happens when the muscle groups are trained on different days.

The systemic overtraining is more harmful as compared to localized training. The systemic overtraining target the whole body and have a negative effect on the stress level called as “Cortisol” and “DHEA” DEHYDROEPIANDROSTERONE.

These both of the hormones are antagonistic to each other.

DHEA has involved in anabolic and muscle building effects while cortisol has a breakdown effect.

The cortisol is a hormone that is produced in response to the stress and has a bad effect on the body:

  • Increase craving of carbohydrates
  • Muscle repair and function
  • Interfere protein synthesis
  • Lower production of testosterone
  • Fatigue, exhausted, or lethargic condition
  • Production of cholesterol and triglyceride
  • Lower the serotonin level that leads to depression
  • Minimize the vitamins and minerals (Calcium and magnesium)
  • Stimulates breakdown of protein also called as proteolysis.

It also reduces the body ability to use the fat as an energy and maximize the stored fat within the body.

The low level of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone may reduce the muscle mass, the strength of the body, promote fat level in the body, weak immune system, and other health complications.

Breakdown of protein result in muscle loss, arthritis, bone loss, and overall muscle weakness.

Impairment of the thyroid function results in the low metabolism and maximum storage of the fat.

The salt and water retention leads to high blood pressure and fluid retention. 

The increased level of blood cholesterol and triglyceride level increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The overtraining leads to an accumulation of toxins and waste material in the body result in symptoms worse.

The Signs Of Overtraining

When you are doing the more workout so, you may develop some physical symptoms which are mentioned below:

  • Elevated high blood pressure
  • More beat than normal
  • Muscular soreness
  • Increased chances of common illness
  • Increased the incidence injuries
  • Loss of fat
  • Reduce appetite
  • The effects are involving overall body
  • Emotional and behavioral

The emotional and behavioral systems are also occurring result in the overtraining that is very well known as “burn out”.                                                                                                                                                                        

This condition is different from the short term training in some sort of way because reduce fatigue and the emotional symptoms also appear after taking the recovery periods.

Overtraining affects individuals in the different ways based on a tolerance level.

Some weightlifters may tolerate the large volume of sets and heavy weights while some tolerate less level of weight and less volume of sets.  

Despite internal mechanism, other factors also contribute such as quality of sleep, the composition of muscle fiber, hormonal and enzymatic reactions, and the overtraining.

How Can You Overcome The Effects Of Over-Training?

Overtraining effects on body

 You can easily tackle the over-training effects because it is very simple.

The most common ways are proper nutrition, rest, and the sleep.

  • Take Proper Rest:

There are many ways are available to reduce the cortisol levels in which the most common methods are sleep and the rest.

These will increases the production of Growth Hormones and inhibit or lower the production of cortisol level.

Usually, 48 to 72 hours are required for the recovery after strength training sessions.

If we talk generally so, 8 hours of recommended sleep is necessary.

The amount of rest is also depend on the different factors like genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors.

According to some studies, we require less amount of stress.

  • Massage:

 The other method is to massage your body or do some meditation and yoga because it improves the flow of blood and oxygen as well.

The light exercises help your body in improve circulation of blood and oxygen and relax your mind as well.

 You should try the light exercises that allow the flow of blood to the muscles and delivering the nutrients for the optimal recovery.

 Make sure, before doing any exercise, you need to warm-up in order to prevent the muscles injury and the cold may worsen your injury.

  • Nutrition And Supplementation Strategies:

There is nothing better than a well-balanced diet.

Addition of carbohydrates into your diet or after the Post Workout help to restore the glycogen levels and provide energy for the training.

According to different sources, weightlifters generally requires the 2x protein as compared to an average person.

The 40 grams of protein are required by the body to maintain positive nitrogen balance and the protein synthesis.

It is very well known that the supplements are useful to prevent the breakdown of protein and maintain overall health.

Incorporate the zinc, magnesium, and manganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin C into your diet.

The anti-oxidants like co-enzyme Q10 and alpha-lipoic acid can also be used in order to combat free radicals.

The Glutamine supplements can boost up the health of the immune system and prevent the breakdown of protein.

The Arginine and Ornithine supplements are good to improve the Human Growth Hormone levels.

  • Strengthening Muscle Imbalances:

The other reason to keep active that the strengthening prevents you from the unwanted imbalances.

These imbalances do not cause the injury in the first place but, it is vital for the recovery process.

The imbalances in muscle may interfere with your workout training.

You can select the exercises as therapy that can prevent your body from the muscle imbalances.

Some Tips:

  • You don’t need to do the heavy training. You can go slowly because this opportunity makes your form perfect and increases the movement to your day.
  • Make sure, you perform perfect because it prevents you from an injury.
  • Take adequate rests between the sets and reps for a muscle group. If you are working together with tendonitis so, you are continuously making your muscles inflamed. It does not mean that you cannot work with other.
  • You can even train through the injury. It is impossible to complete then your pushing the limits.
  • It will be the massive pain because it is impossible to gain the weight.
  • If you spend enough time in the gym and get injured or panic because you are making good progress.
  • Understand the long-term injury of your muscles that immediate progress.
  • Recognize the attention and focus on the quality.

Rest and Laziness:

It the most important that you should know the difference between rest and laziness.

There are a lot of factors are responsible for how your body reacts.

The factors are including stress, nutrition, sleep, emotional state, physical condition, and the recuperation time.


The best way to tackle the overtraining or any type of muscle injury is following the combination of proper rest, nutrition strategies, and the supplements.

best tips for bodybuilding
Bodybuilding Tips

You should first find out the overtraining signs and then set up the rest time-period.

If your body is not prepared and you have competition so, remember over-training may worse the appearance.

The most important part is that you should first check overtraining signs and then react accordingly to reach towards goal faster.



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