Dbol Cycle – Dianabol Pills Cycle Results and Dosage! [2020]

Dianabol or D-Bol is the bulking steroid which lots of dudes take for bulking purposes.

Dianabol cycle helps you gain pure mass at a faster rate as compared to many other bodybuilding steroids in the market.

Dbol only cycle
Dbol Cycle

Dianabol cycle results are astonishing to see people with fragile physique are now getting the muscular shape.

The best results they have ever witnessed came from the D-bol cycle only.

Steroids like Dianabol are pretty much dangerous if used without management, but the effects are really something you hoped for.

Anabolic steroids have their own benefits, and also the dangers.

Dianabol is a brand name for the formula “Methandrostenolone” which is listed as an illegal and controlled substance in the US.

Despite its illegal status many people purchase Dianabol from the black market and use it anyway but that’s a serious felony.

In 1988 the drug was prescribed to patients with osteoporosis and malnutrition, which later on switched to other medications.

Buying Dianabol isn’t an easy thing these days, but if you get your hands on it, make sure you have got the right quality.

Dianabol Cycle for Beginners

Dianabol cycle length and its dosage totally depend on your fitness goals.

For the beginners, the recommended dose of Dianabol ranges from 30-50 mg OD (Once daily).

Dianabol Cycle
Dianabol Only Cycle

The cycle length, however, can be a 5-6 week in which you will begin to experience the cyclical effects.

Dianabol is majorly for muscle building goals, but it is also an excellent performance-enhancing substance that can also be used for the athletic purposes.

The dosage of D-bol cycle for the pro bodybuilders is higher than beginners, which is 70-80 mg OD.

Every individual is advised to taper down the dose at the end of the cycle.

Dianabol Cycle Length

There is a valid reason why Dianabol cycle length should be up to 6 weeks; it’s not only the results you should keep your eyes but how it’s working without affecting your health.

Usually, the effect starts to appear in 7 days, which is quite faster.

Some men take higher doses for the rapid results which are not a good practice at all.

In doing so, they disturbed the already stimulated process of protein synthesis and affect its metabolism.

Dianabol Only Cycle Results

The 6 weeks cycle of Dianabol brings you some incredible results which many men shared online.

Dianabol Cycle Results
Dianabol Results

The results from Dianabol cycle depends on the time duration and dosage of the supplement you are taking.

Many bodybuilders who used Dianabol in 50 mg of the dose every day shared their results weekly basis.

1st Week

Instant muscle gains with mild energy generation, your muscle mass will expand in size.

2nd Week

Dianabol cycle demands 5-day workout per week and a managed diet plan.

After 2 weeks of Dianabol cycle, the user will experience a slight weight gain that would be without fatty mass.

Many users gained 3-4 lbs in the 2nd week.

3-4th Week

This is where you get the maximum results. Pure muscle generation, super size physique, and enhanced performance skills.

You can slightly increase the dose if you are hitting the big scheme or stick to the normal dose.

6th Week

After 6 weeks of hard works and continuous dosing, you will get a totally changed body.

Typical weight gain will occur which might let you gain 7-8 pounds and that my friend would be totally pure muscle mass.

Dianabol Cycle Side Effects

Always keep in mind that by embracing the positive effects of Dianabol, you are inviting the negative effects too which is the part of the formula.

Dianabol side effects
Side Effects of Dianabol

Dianabol is 3x more powerful than testosterone supplement, that makes it a risky option for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions.

Most importantly, the occurrence of side effects happens majorly in the scenarios of over or higher doses.

Side effects from the use of Dianabol are proven to be numerous which are:

  • Liver Toxicity
  • Baldness
  • Gynecomastia (development of man-boobs)
  • Low libido
  • Decreased sperm count
  • Acne
  • Mood Swings
  • Roid Rage
  • High Cholesterol level
  • Testicular Shrinkage
  • Excessive water retention

Note: Immediate discontinuation is advised. We cannot blame the 1990’s people who by using Dianabol gone through many health calamities, but the modern generation have the natural and legal alternatives which won’t let you experience these side effects.

Is There Any Safer Alternative for Dianabol?

About a hundred plus supplements are called as the legal alternatives of Dianabol, but not every one of them is effective.

The chemical Methandrostenolone is an extremely powerful substance that is both expensive and dangerous for human consumption.

We are going to the overall customer’s choice which is proven to be effective like Dianabol without side effects.


It’s a legal alternative to Dianabol that allows your bodies to generate rapid protein mass and exceeding amount of strength.

Learn more about D-bal Here, The best alternative to Dianabol steroids for sale online.

Dianabol Dosage
Dosages of Dianabol

The formula basically comprises the natural ingredients which affect your body as Methandrostenolone does.

Who Makes D-Bal?

Crazy Bulk is a giant supplement industry that has created the alternatives for almost every potent steroid formula on the planet.

In doing so, they have eliminated every chance of side effects which your body can have.

The company has a built-up reputation and it has been endorsed in many health forums.

How D-Bal Works?

The amount of BCCA and Whey protein in D-bal enables your body natural tendency to start protein synthesis.

You can stack Decaduro and Trenorol in your bulking Cycle with D-bal.

The nitrogen retaining elements reserve more oxygen to your muscles which helps them expand in size.

D-Bal works even better if you take the suitable diet that comes under the protein diet.

Pros and Cons of D-Bal

D-Bal is a crazy but effective alternative to Dianabol cycle, one can combine it with other stacks to amplify the results.

The pros of D-Bal are many:

  • It stimulates muscle gain
  • Excessive strength
  • No need for needle or prescription
  • It’s safe and natural with 0 side effect occurrence
  • Eliminate the body fats
  • They offer free shipping


  • You can only find it from the online Crazy Bulk outlet
  • Price is the little bit higher but its all for no side effects

Conclusion – In a Nutshell

Dianabol cycle offers you great results but at the cost of your future health. You don’t want to trade temporary effects with the permanent damage, do you?

Buy D-bal
Buy Dianabaol

So the whole point of getting a legal alternative is to gain extra mass with no worries about adverse results.

It’s a new era and science has reached quite far, which is why D-Bal is the future of the bulking cycle.


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